Abuse (of any kind)

"While you are dreaming of the future or regretting the past, the present,
which is all you have, slips from you and is gone"
Hilaire Belloc

Abuse takes many forms, whether it is physical or psychological, experienced in childhood or adulthood, it can leave an enduring mark on the abused person. Many people go through life thinking that they have 'got over it' or 'put it behind' them or that 'nothing can be done to help' whilst enduring long-lasting behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that may have a significant effect on life and relationships.

How often have you heard the phrase "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never harm me" which is, of course, nonsense? The body is able to repair most physical damage but psychological damage is hidden and can endure to affect the rest of one's life.

Neither Clinical Hypnotherapy nor EMDR can undo the events of the past, it may be possible to remove the memory of parts of it but that is not always appropriate, desirable or permanent. However if the feelings that are attached to memories can be reduced to a more comfortable, less troublesome level that will allow patients to move forward in their lives. Treatment with hypnotherapy can be combined with other powerful and effective techniques to help patients put those things experienced behind them.

All patients enjoy confidentiality in accordance with my terms and conditions from first contact regardless of whether they choose to undertake treatment or not; 'phone or e-mail me from my contact page for additional information, there will be no obligation to undertake treatment nor will you have to give your name in the first instance if you wish not to do so.