Getting Married

Getting married is a big step, for most people it will only happen once and you will want it to be the best day possible and this is where Clinical Hypnotherapy and possibly EMDR can help.

Brides always want to look their best and the many hairdressers, beauticians, nail bars, florists, wedding couturiers etc will all want to add their bit so the overall effect should be stunning; but what about the real you, the bit inside that may be a bit anxious, possibly even quaking with fear?

One of the main ways I can help, is to step you through the day in a hypnotic trance to show how well it will be and how, if something small untoward happens it will be smiled at and won't dominate the day. If there are specific anxieties then these may also be treated if appropriate, you will also be taught self-hypnosis, it is great for calming you down on the day! It is possible to have joint therapy with your fiancé if you feel the stress level is low. Even if it is low, you will each benefit from a little hypnotherapy.

Maybe you are getting married in a year or two and that dress you really want to fit into just isn't right for this year's body. Clinical Hypnotherapy is also a very effective way of losing weight without diets, expensive powdery meal replacements, or going to meetings. My therapy is designed to change the way you think about food and usually only involves three consultations to put you on the road to your target weight. Even if you are only a little over what you want or just want to be more confident that you will maintain your weight, my weight control therapy will help you return to or remain at your target weight .