Cancer Support

Cancer comes in several forms. It is a very serious disease and much of the treatment for it is very intense and is physically and mentally debilitating. In addition, the cancer patient will experience anxiety, lowered mood and discomfort.

As a complement to the medical therapies used to treat cancer, hypnosis is very effective, in reducing anxiety, reducing discomfort and mitigating the side effects of treatments.

Cancer treatment must always lie within the the province of the medical profession; any alternative therapy engaged in conjunction with medical treatment must only be undertaken with the full knowledge and agreement of the medical specialist in charge of treatment.

Hypnotherapy will not cure cancer but it can make the treatment less upsetting, much work can be done by the patient themself once taught self-hypnosis techniques.

A trial in the US has indicated that hypnosis lowered the level of stress and anxiety reported amongst female patients undergoing biopsies to check for breast cancer. BBC News Article

Relatives and carers can also benefit from hypnotherapy to help cope with their feelings during a difficult time.

There are therapists of various persuasions who claim to have the ability to cure cancer and who may seek to exploit the high emotions that people have when cancer is diagnosed and being treated.

Please do not be taken in by any such exaggerated claims. Cancer treatment must always lie within the province of the medical profession.