Is Hypnotherapy expensive and how long does it take?

I operate in the private health sector so charge a fee for each consultation. However, you can rest assured that Clinical Hypnotherapy is affordable to most people and the benefit that can be gained from it compared to the number of appointments normally needed is such that the cost is justified. My consultation fee is comparable, on a pro rata basis with respect to time, to many other therapies and reflects both the quality and the brevity of the overall treatment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is termed as a 'brief therapy' meaning that, compared to some other therapies, patients can be expected to reach their goal faster, usually in weeks rather than months or years. With the exception of smoking therapy, you will only be charged for the current consultation so you will remain in control of the cost. Please don't hesitate to ring, why not do it ,you will not be placed under any obligation to attend for treatment. It is possible that I am not the cheapest Clinical Hypnotherapist in the area and am certainly not the most expensive, but do you really want the cheapest when it comes to helping you with your problem(s)? This is especially true as most people will only ever visit a hypnotherapist once in their life.

Can I get Treament on the NHS?

There is little likelihood of getting treatment through the NHS even though the effectiveness of Clinical Hypnotherapy as a therapy was officially recognised by the British Medical Association in 1955 and by the American Medical Association in 1958.

Your GP or other health professional may suggest hypnotherapy or EMDR but are most unlikely to offer to fund it. There is no reason why the NHS cannot fund treatment, it buys in services from a wide range of sources. If you ask for treatment and are refused you can bring this to the attention of the Patient Advice and Liaison Co-ordinator (PAL) at your Primary Care Trust by writing to them. It is probable that in some cases hypnotherapy treatment would eliminate or significantly reduce the need for expensive drugs so saving the NHS money. If you suffer from IBS then you may wish to make your GP and, if necessary your PCT that the National institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommends hypnotherapy as a treatment option Advisory Document on IBS from NIHCE.