Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders respond well to hypnotherapy

There are many reasons why people find themselves with an eating disorder, whatever the reason, hypnotherapy offers a gentle yet powerful way of guiding the patient towards a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Treatment will be in association with the patient's GP so that the necessary health monitoring can take place. Other specialist therapists can be invited to introduce their individual skills thus a comprehensive treatment tailored to each individual's needs can be offered.

Treatment will be dictated by each patient's overall needs and each patient should be aware that hypnosis will not be used to instruct them to start doing something they are unwilling to do at that time.

An eating disorder can be overcome, get in contact and make your start today; you will not be placed under any obligation to undertake treatment by doing so and don't even have to give your name in the first instance.

Deciding on using Clinical Hypnotherapy can take a little thought, why not take a few moments to view the videos on this site while you make your decision.

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