Myths and Misconceptions

Novelists, film producers and the public at large have been fascinated by the idea of mind control by evil-intentioned hypnotists. Most have heard of Svengali brought to life in George du Maurier's novel "Trilby" published in 1894 and which gave rise to a legend.

This and other tales such as that of Rasputin helped to generate a public perception that concentrated on the negative use of hypnosis and many of those same misguided attitudes and opinions are still held by some today. The truth is that the taking over of the subject's mind by the hypnotist will not happen, neither are long-term trances possible under hypnosis; the subject's willingness and co-operation are always required.

Again, contrary to popular belief, therapy does not always involve regressing the patient to their earlier life. In fact, in most cases, other hypnotic procedures are preferable in the first instance. Nor will you fail to re-awaken when asked to do so at the end of the consultation.