Pain Control

Pain is our body's way of warning us that something is not right and needs to be looked at. Often the cause is obvious, a minor injury such as trapping your finger, stubbing your toe will cause pain that is acute but short lived. Other problems such as ligament damage may take a lot longer to subside and serve as a continuing warning to take care.

Pain is a very useful indication of disease or injury but sometimes the pain caused has no function, a particular case of which is cancer.

There are two aspects to pain, what we feel and how we feel about what we feel. Pain felt when playing sport will be felt differently from injury pain felt at other times, the old story about curing a headache by stubbing your toe does work, 'though I really don't recommend it as a therapeutic strategy!

Unexplained persistent pains or pains with rapid onset, especially headaches, must be medically investigated. It is probable that there will be nothing seriously wrong but the cause of the pain should be determined by your GP or specialist, never by self-diagnosis or on the advice of non-medically trained persons and especially not the Internet.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in the treatment of pain, both in terms of its intensity and the patient's perception of it. Brain scans of patients hypnotised for the purpose of pain control show that activity in the part of the brain involved in pain perception, the anterior cingulate cortex, is reduced.

It must be noted that, where the pain is providing a protective function by keeping our activities within the limits of our current capability, removing it completely is not an advisable option.