I doubt if there is anyone alive who would not benefit from learning self-hypnosis. It is a skill that is easily learned and, with regular practice, will prove to be life enhancing. It helps you to control stress levels, make learning easier, reduce pain (NOT eliminate it) and lets you take valuable 'time out'.

Self-hypnosis is incorporated into many therapy sessions that I run but can also be taught in its own right to individuals or to groups. It is especially valuable for employees working in high pressure environments such as nurses, doctors, dentists, teachers, police officers etc.

Take yourself off to wherever you want, whenever you want!

I know of no fellow hypnotherapists who do not spend some of their day in a self induced trance to help sort out day to day problems, or to just relax. The ability to problem solve has been studied by the University of California; self-hypnosis generates random eye movements (REM) which fits in with the results of the research BBC News Article