Skin Complaints

The Skin is the largest organ of the body and is vital for maintaining the internal environment in a stable state (homeostasis), it has been described as something that "keeps the inside in and the outside out". The skin is also what people see when they look at us and forms a significant part of our self-image. A look around any pharmacist's shop or an evening watching commercial television gives a fair indication of how much concern we have for our skin and, of course, the multi-million pound market it supports.

Skin problems vary in type and severity and their effect on the individual can range from a minor inconvenience to very distressing. They can have various causes, bacterial, viral, hormonal, genetic and emotional.

In the latter case the skin complaint is triggered by emotional feelings, such as stress then hypnotic intervention to address that is indicated.

Where the skin complaint is produced by an organic disorder (i.e. by the body) then a combination of hypnotic techniques to reduce stress alongside those to assist the alleviation of itching and the scratching response can be provided.