Sleep and Dreams

Sleep is vital for good mental and physical health but many of us suffer from insomnia at some time in our lives. Sometimes this is short term and will sort itself out. For longer term sleep problems hypnosis is a recommended treatment, in fact, the hypnotic trance is similar to the trance state we pass through on entering and awakening from sleep.

Dreams are experienced by us all about every 90 minutes, during REM sleep, but often we cannot remember them when we awake. Dream therapy takes a few forms, most take 2-3 sessions but sometimes more sessions are indicated in individual cases.

Dreams for Problem Solving

We all know the very good advice to 'sleep on problems' and the solution often becomes clear in the morning. This therapy helps to sharpen up the subconscious mind's natural capacity for problem solving whilst you sleep.

Lucid Dreaming

This therapy helps you to become aware of and interact with dreams that you become aware of as you sleep. It is of use in many ways.


This therapy is useful in altering nightmares so that they become dreams, It includes Lucid Dreaming Therapy as part of the treatment.

Dreams for Creativity

Can be of use to Artists, Writers, Musicians etc who wish to investigate the use of their dreams to enhance their performance and creativity.