Smoking Cessation

"Given the range of poisons in tobacco smoke, the amazing thing is not that half of smokers are killed by them, it's that half of them are not."
Sir Richard Peto,
Cancer Research UK scientist

About 4,200 people die of lung cancer every year in Scotland, and about 86% (3610) of all cases are linked to tobacco, BBC News Article.

People take up and continue smoking for a variety of reasons. The effect on the health is well known to smokers yet they continue to smoke largely due to nicotine craving. Nicotine is very addictive but, unlike other well known addictive drugs, any withdrawal symptoms are very mild and nicotine is cleared out of the body in about 48 hours.

Shops are full of 'stop smoking' products that you can chew, suck or stick on to help you 'get through' the stopping procedure but these continue to supply nicotine! (My professional body, the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, has had enquiries from people addicted to nicotine chewing gum!).

Would it not feel good, feel really good if you could free yourself from the need for nicotine or smoking and comfortably live your life without it as a Non Smoker? Think about it, is this something you want for yourself? Do you believe it can happen for you? How will your life be different when you are a Non Smoker?

The American Cancer Society has created a timeline that describes your progress as a non-smoker, I have added the estimated savings (excluding inflation); figures are based on £7·50p for 20 cigarettes and 20/day consumption:

Research in 2012 studied smoking in women and found that by stopping early in life they could expect to live 10 years longer Could you live 10 years longer by stopping smoking? Of course, whilst this study concentrated on young women it is reasonable to expect that a similar effect is to be found in men and stopping smoking at any age can be expected to bring health benefits.
Article in the Lancet
BBC Health News report
What cigarette manufacturers would rather you did not know (USA Article)

I frequently hear people saying that smoking helps them to feel less stressed, this is because their brain says "give me nicotine" and keeps doing so until it gets its way and is happy for a while. However, two of the three conclusions of a piece of research published in the British Medical Journal stated that "Smoking cessation is associated with reduced depression, anxiety, and stress and improved positive mood and quality of life compared with continuing to smoke." and "The effect sizes are equal or larger than those of antidepressant treatment for mood and anxiety disorders." Full report

A recent report published by the University of Geneva and reported on the BBC News Website highlights doubts about the efficacy of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Read Article

Take a look at this Finnish website to see what smoking does to you.

This Daily Mail reports on an efficacy trial of nicotine patches and may be of interest.

For a more worrying aspect of Oral Nicotine Replacement Therapy Read this article from the NHS Website

Electronic Cigarettes have been hailed as the safe way but this Yahoo News Article may be of interest. It cites a single study but illustrates that stopping smoking totally is the best, and cheapest, strategy.
Government information about e-cigarettes can be read here.

The use of Electronic Cigarettes is to banned in Scottish Hospital grounds Scotsman Article Feb 2015

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Hypnosis offers something different for the person committed to becoming a non-smoker, you learned to smoke so you can learn not to smoke. You will not be a stopped smoker, you will be a non-smoker. The treatment has been designed to encourage you not substitute food for cigarettes, nor get irritated, nor climb the wall, so that you just won't smoke and you will start to feel great!

People use many reasons for continuing to smoke such as;

Stopping smoking using hypnosis is a painless, effective and relatively inexpensive (20 a day costs about £2737 per year and about £2299 of this is tax) way of breaking the psychological and narcotic addiction to cigarettes. Treatment costs less than 4 week's cigarette money (at 20 per day) and takes two sessions of about an hour each although one session of about 1½ hours can be arranged if required, in each case, you will gain the mental tools that, as long as you have the will to become a non-smoker, will help you to reach your goal of completely eliminating your desire to smoke.

Please be aware that your willingness and commitment to become a non-smoker is required so, if during our preliminary telephone conversation I get the impression that you are not sufficiently committed to the betterment of your life by becoming a non-smoker, then I will neither waste your money nor my time and you will be asked to consider if it is the right time for you to become a Non Smoker.

Smoking in enclosed public spaces in Scotland was banned in 2006, isn't it time to rid yourself of this habit?
Or have you acquired a liking for standing in a draughty car park or doorway in the Scottish weather? Government guidance re the smoking ban here

A study published in New Scientist in 1992 investigated the effect of hypnosis for smoking cessation and can be found here

November 2006: Research from Norway indicates that "cutting down" is not enough "cutting out" is your only option. BBC News Article

Jan 2010: BBC News Report about the effect of smoking on a baby's blood pressure BBC News Article