Sports and Dance Performance

I have put sport and dance together as each depend upon executing a sequence of actions with precision in movement and timing.

Whatever your chosen sport or sports or artistic performance, you know that fitness, stamina and technique are vital components of a successful performance. You will also know all about mental attitude and how, even 'though you know you are physically fit, you just have 'off days' when your performance is not up to your usual standard.

An 'off day' can be just that, something may be praying on your mind but tomorrow is another day and the problem may go. However, if you find that your performance is going through a bad patch it can severely knock your confidence and that is where hypnotherapy can step in.

It is of special value after injury when, in consultation with your physiotherapist, it can help you return to your peak of performance more effectively.

So, is your golf swing sloppy, is your long jump languid, your discus duff, your high dive disastrous? Are your steps more like stumbles is your salsa shambolic, your ballet like a barn dance?

Each case is treated on its individual merits, and will use a range of techniques to help you to regain your peak performance, perhaps even further.

All therapy for individual sports will be given in confidence although if you are part of a team or club the involvement of your coach is recommended.

Are you a club member? How about discussing the use of hypnosis with your coach?

Are you truly performing at your best? If so, don't call me. However ...