Confidentiality and Terms

Your confidentiality is assured *, no information about you will be passed on to others without your permission. Where features of a particular case history are pertinent to others for training or research purposes then the patient's name will not be given nor will any details that can be used to identify that patient. Similarly, original recordings will remain confidential although transcripts of salient parts may be made and the patient's identity again protected.

Where treatment by me forms a component of your overall treatment by one or more other therapists or under the umbrella of a therapeutic organisation or I identify a problem that could be treated by another therapist then your permission for information to be shared amongst appropriate individuals, each of whom has a similar confidentiality policy to my own, will be sought.

Minors (under 18) will not be accepted for therapy without the consent of a parent or guardian and those under 16 may expect that at least some of the information arising from the therapy session will be transmitted to one or more parent or guardian. In the case of patients below the age of 16 an appropriate adult must be present or close by throughout the consultation.

Many conditions require that the patient's doctor, consultant or other medical person be consulted and permission for this will be obtained prior to the contact being made.

On occasions, patients advise me of physical problems that can be dealt with by fellow therapists within my clinic. Where possible, a personal introduction will be made to the relevant therapist, otherwise the patient's name and and reason for referral will be given, in each case with the patient's permission.

*There are exceptions to the promise of confidentiality; in a few circumstances such as where a child, children or other vulnerable persons are deemed to be at risk, where a criminal act has been or is going to be committed and in the case of reportable diseases. In each of these cases this practice is duty bound to inform the appropriate authorities who may then decide to take their own action.

A further circumstance where an exception to confidentiality will be made is where the patient is placing themselves in imminent danger by their planned actions or behaviour.

Cancelling Appointments

By making an appointment you have entered into a contract, I will set aside my time and reserve clinic space on your behalf.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, you may do so by telling me by telephone or text or email at least 24 hours or by email 36 hours before the appointment time, excluding Sundays. Due to the relatively high number of late cancellations or failure to attend appointments I now require a deposit of £20 which can be paid by clicking on the Home menu option and selecting 'Make a payment', this covers my clinic's cancellation fee which I would otherwise have to pay.

If you fail to inform me of your intention to cancel an appointment within the time limits above then a fee will be charged as follows;

At least four hours before the appointment time or the night before if the appointment is before 11am, by telephone (NOT e-mail) 50% of the quoted fee.

If you fail to attend with insufficient or no notice a fee equal to the therapy fee will be charged. Cancellations due to unavoidable events such as illness of self or a dependant relative may be exempt assuming that reasonable attempts to contact me as soon as possible after it is clear that the appointment cannot reasonably be kept.

In the case of smoking therapy, no refund will be given on failure to attend the second appointment and completion of treatment will be at the general therapy session rate.

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