Weight Control

Would you like to lose weight without a diet with the help of Clinical Hypnotherapy in a quiet, comfortable, central Stirling clinic?

Food is to be enjoyed and, of course, is vital for our good health and survival. In times past, food had to be searched for and found at a high cost to us in terms of energy and effort. But times have changed, food is now readily available and reasonably priced; we don't even have to prepare it if we choose not to. The downside is that, for many of us, the tastiest, most attractive food is not really the best food to eat a lot of as this usually leads to weight gain.

In order to stay a stable weight we must take in a certain amount of energy to meet our energy needs and over time the energy taken in should equal the energy used. If not, the weight will change because our bodies do not like to throw away valuable energy and so it stores it as efficiently as it can, as fat.

Of course, you can ask your GP for a 'magic pill' and give away control of your weight to that, if that is what you want. You could go to a gym and 'Spin' on bicycles that go nowhere, dance Zumba until the next dance craze arrives, drink bland, powdery meal replacements, but for how long are you prepared to do these things? Would you not prefer to be able to take control back within yourself and make your weight your responsibility? You can do it!

Dieting is a multi million pound industry but, as long as you are on a diet what are you thinking about? Yes FOOD; you cannot get away from it. Many foods are 'demonised' as 'bad', however, there are no bad foods, only bad quantities. Many people never seem to understand that diets do not work in the long term and move from one diet to the next throughout life, but that is not you or is it?

What if for longer and longer periods you could forget about food until your next meal time? Weight Control using Clinical Hypnotherapy in Stirling helps you to do just that, whether you wish to lose or gain weight, the suggestions given under hypnosis help you to maintain a healthy diet and meet the goal that is right for you, whether it be a particular weight or, more usefully, to look as you wish to look. Many patients find that not far into treatment, they already feel much better within themselves.

Clinical Hypnotherapy guides you towards healthy food choices and regular meals, seeking to change bad eating habits you may have slipped into. Once it is realised that eating behaviour is an attitude of mind
then a reasonable course of action is to change that attitude and therefore the behaviour.

Are you finding your clothes are getting tighter? Call me soon, get the trend reversed before your weight creeps up making it more difficult for you to lose weight later on. BBC Article Scots risk "Sleepwalking into Obesity" It is important that, you consult your doctor if you have put on or lost weight rapidly for no apparent reason to ascertain that there is no medical reason for it and also to check that you are fit to undertake a modest increase in exercise.

One of the aims of the therapy is to slow down when eating meals for the reasons given in this BBC News Article

The current way of determining if you are over or underweight is to use the Body Mass Index (BMI) that relates the body weight to height, it is not always accurate, but gives a useful guide as to where you fall. To calculate Your BMI. I have also produced a downloadable Excel spreadsheet to calculate BMI that provides results based on current values, save it to your hard drive and it can be used over and again. Feel free to pass copies on as long as my details accompany it but please also remember that it is only a guide.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can change your way of thinking about food and, if you contribute the self will, you will see and feel the difference without highly restrictive diets or banned foods or guilt should you stray a little bit now and then (after all, wouldn't life be so boring if we couldn't be just a little bit wicked from time to time?).

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