What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Much depends upon why you need Clinical Hypnotherapy but a case history is always taken so that I can get a feel or the possible reason for why you feel the way you do.

For the case history I will ask about relationships and ask for a partner's forename, any job you do, medication and past illnesses, school, family relationships, leisure interests and, of course, a dsiscussion about the reason for coming to see me. All this is not to be nosy, it is to understand you as a person and to see if I can see a likely root for your problem that can be tackled.

The time devoted to taking a case history depends upon past experiences and wherever possible I will finish the session with a short hypnotic trance. This is to relax you, to allow you to experience what it feels like in preparation for the second appointment and also to allow me to gauge your response. If time allows I will teach you self-hypnosis.

I occasionally get asked about what to wear and if it is wise to drive afterwards. Wear what you feel comfortable in, there are no special recommendations. Driving will not be a problem, there is always a short 'talk-down' period at the end of the session and that ensures patients are out of trance